Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of service that is available to individuals and business. Information is stored on computers that are accessed via the Internet. The use of cloud computing offers many advantages to users that need the option for alternative computing solutions.


There are many factors you need to consider if you are planning on using a cloud computing service. A service needs to provide an adequate amount of storage at an affordable cost. You may need to ensure a service provider that can support your applications. You should determine if you have a need to use a cloud computing service. One reason to have an off-site location for your computer files is that you can easily restore data if there is any type of problem.


There are many advantages and benefits to the use of cloud computing. One advantage for a business is that cloud computing does not require purchasing expensive software. Access is available anywhere the Internet is available. No updates and maintenance is required to maintain the availability of the service by the customer. You can also access files and programs at anytime they need to be used.


You may find a few disadvantages to the use of cloud computing. One disadvantage is that your data is stored on the servers of a third-party. This means that the company you use can potentially have access to your data. Another disadvantage is that access is not possible if the service has any downtime or any server problems. The security of your data may also be a concern.

Additional Information

Other forms of online storage can easily be found online. If you already use Google services, then their Google Drive product is a great choice. Users get 5 GB of storage free. Another option is Skydrive that is available from Microsoft. Users will be given 7 GB of storage for their use. Use multiple accounts if you want multiple storage solutions.

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