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What is a System Restore?

You install a new driver, or download a new program, and suddenly your computer is behaving erratically. You uninstall the driver or program, but it doesn’t solve the problem. You scan your computer for viruses and malware, but it’s clean. What is wrong with your computer? You may need a system restore. » Read more..

Windows Backups

Windows backups are copies of a user’s Windows setup that allow them to recover their system. They are useful to have because they protect computer owners against the ill effects of hard drive failure and viruses. In the event that Windows needs to be reinstalled, users with a backup available will save a considerable amount of time. » Read more..

Online backups

Online backup systems provide a valuable resource for those who have important information stored on their computers. With this type of backup system, you can keep your files safe and easily recover them if your computer system crashes. The files on your computer are valuable and could represent information that is very important to you. If this information were to be deleted or went missing suddenly, it could cause you many problems in the future. To avoid this potential problem, using an online backup system can be beneficial. » Read more..

Using backup software

Using backup software can be a complicated process, and changes depending on what backup utility you are using. Here are some tips, including how to choose the right program for you and what to do with that program once you have it. The first thing you want to do when looking into creating a backup of your computer is what software you’re going to use. Every piece of software is different. Some of them will store your data on a secondary device you provide. Others offer online storage of a limited or unlimited amount. Some will cost a fee for the software, while others are free. Still others charge a fee per month to store your data and use their service. » Read more..