Windows Backups

Windows backups are copies of a user’s Windows setup that allow them to recover their system. They are useful to have because they protect computer owners against the ill effects of hard drive failure and viruses. In the event that Windows needs to be reinstalled, users with a backup available will save a considerable amount of time.

When the hard drive crashes it is important to have a Windows backup

When the hard drive crashes it is important to have a Windows backup

For almost as long as Windows has existed, users have had the ability to make a Windows backup. Backups, as the name implies, create a mirror image of the user’s system. Settings, installed applications, and other details about a Windows setup can be included in a Windows backup. Users have the option to include things such as personal files stored on their computer in their Windows backup, making it more robust and more useful in case the backup is ever needed. A Windows backup can be useful in a few scenarios. The first and most common is in the event of a hard drive crash. When a hard drive crashes, the user loses everything. In a best-case scenario, the user can start from scratch with the same hard drive, and in a worst-case scenario they will need to replace the failed unit. Either way, having a Windows backup can significantly reduce the stress associated with having to start from scratch. In addition, a Windows backup also saves the user a considerable amount of time that would normally be spent installing applications and configuring settings. Another scenario where a user would need to reinstall Windows and be likely to find a Windows backup useful is any situation where a virus has infected a system. Viruses vary in terms of the damage they do to a system and how easy they are to recover from. In extreme circumstances, a virus can make a system mostly or totally inoperable. Instead of spending hours troubleshooting the virus or paying a technician for virus removal, users who already have a Windows backup have the option to wipe their system and start with the uninfected backup.

Having a Windows backup available is one of the wisest things a computer owner can do. The presence of backups saves time and money for a computer owner, and provides added peace of mind. The best practice for computer owners is to make weekly backups of their Windows system and, if possible, all of their files. This way, in the unfortunate event that something does happen to the owner’s computer, they won’t have to spend days trying to recover from it.

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